DIY bejwelled nail art
08 May 2013

DIY bejwelled nail art

TREND REPORTAfter the success of DIY speckled egg nail art post over the Easter period, I created a new challenge for myself - be-jewelled nail art!  This is probably the most difficult DIY nail art I ever done and I'm sorry to sorry that failed twice...  in a day!  But the effect was amazing and complemented my new Heart4Heart rose gold plated ring perfectly so why not give it a go?  If you're not too confident with drawing swirly pattern or straight lines, grab a helping hand.

You'll need:
5 rich coloured nail varnishes, preferably dark ones or metallic ones
A few glitter nail varnishes
Tooth picks
Nail art pens

Step by step:

1.    Apply 2 coats of nail varnish, 1 colour for each nail.
2.    Use a nail art pen to draw a pattern, criss-cross, floral swirl, however you like.
3.    Dip the toothpick in any colour nail varnish to apply dots, or glitter nail varnish to embellish

Posted By : Kit Lee, London

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