18 July 2014

Painting with Kids Company Charity


Last month we ran 10km to raise money for Kids Company charity. This month the Tangerine Dreamz re-united to paint the town pink! Not quite so literally, but essentially yes, we painted. A lot. Proud to be helping out at Nightingale primary school in Hackney, we took a day out of the office (a sunny one) to paint two school cabins. If you’re not familiar with the charity and missed our last post, Kids Company charity supports vulnerable and homeless children by taking them into care or improving their conditions. The more support they get the better.
So… last Friday afternoon, whilst the kids were busy enjoying their last day of term we painted both Oak and Willow cabins. Wearing Kids Company charity t-shirts and our new exclusive Kids Company bracelet we gave dull and dated cabins a whole new look! Curious to know what we painted?

Take a look at some of the photos taken throughout the day. You've got to agree, we did a pretty good job. In keeping with the charity's mantra, ' Love is all it takes',  let's hope the kids love the designs as much as we do!

Posted By : Fashion Forward

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