13 May 2014

Summer Adventurer

Are you a plain Jane? A wild child? Or a trend setter? How adventurous are you when it comes to your own look? Sometimes you need a fashion shake-up to breathe new life into your own style. If you’re looking to embrace a look that's synonymous with creativity and a laid-back attitude, consider picking up a few of our latest arrivals and pair with a few bohemian pieces on your next shopping spree! We’ve pinned down Francesca from our online team this week to discover her summer style. Shopaholic and accessories addict, we were curious to know her #summerstateofmind… 

How would you describe your style?

My friends call me a Boho babe. I agree, I’m forever Boho. I don't like to have a define style, so let's go with summer adventurer.

What defines the Boho look?

The clothes mainly, but any Folli Follie accessory will up your boho status and complete any outfit. Accessorising is a must for this type of style. Layering and mixing and matching are what make this trend unique. It’s slightly addictive but I don’t like to wear the same outfit more than once, so layering is also another way of adding a touch of versatility to your look. 

What would you consider to be your top three summer accessories? 

Without a doubt, it has to be the new pink Foliage bag. I can’t live without it. It’s my day to evening companion. It carries my everyday essentials and even features an inner clutch bag which I flaunt when I go out straight from work. Second on my list are my tortoise shell wayfers. Glamorous and practical in every way but most importantly - they are #selfie perfect! What’s next on your summer hit list this year? Being a bag lover, I have my heart set on the new gold Heart4Heart handbag. I love being the centre of attention and I’m sure that this bag’s golden shimmer is like no other. I was so excited for its launch that I even went on a hunt to find the perfect shoes to match. Now I just have to wait until pay day to complete the look! 

What’s your best outfit yet?

I like to dress to impress, but in my own way. I rarely copy or follow other people’s outfits or looks, but I do look up to some of my favourite trend setters for inspiration from time to time. To me it’s all about the effortlessly natural yet simultaneously chic look. When it comes to day to day office wear, Folli Follie always has me covered from head to toe. My favourite outfit this season, a pair of patterned skorts, a white lace vest layered with a fringed white chiffon shawl for that dishevelled hippie look which looks great with my tortoise shell wayfers. I often wear my favourite blue Dazzling bracelet and classy double row champagne crystals ring for that added touch of sparkle. Being known for always arriving fashionably late, I can’t walk out of the house without my silver Beautime watch. Whilst a floral daisy chain headband makes me ‘Boho’ ready for work! 

Who inspires your look? 

Mary-Kate Olsen. She really works the deliberate "bohemian mix". I love the way she clashes colours and prints and layers on longer length dresses with shorts and fringes yet she always manages to look "Boho-chic”.

What about the hairstyle? The hair definitely plays a major part in my daily look. I can’t leave the house until my hair looks the way I want it to. (I’m rather special I know!) I could spend hours having my hair done, but before work there’s just no time, so I go for an effortlessly natural everyday curl. Using salt spray, I work loose curls and waves to frame my face and wear with a rugged parting to really emphasise my boho look. The entire style is really brought together with a dainty floral headband. It also has the added extra of sweeping my hair back making it fancy but practical too!

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