20 March 2014

What's in your Folli Follie bag?


When in doubt, stick to soft neutral shades. We couldn't contain our excitement when our favourite Heart4Heart handbag launched in a shimmering gold hue!  This glowing accessory certainly won't go un-noticed. Faiza from our head office team snapped one up before they've even hit the website (they are in stores already).

So Faiza, what's in your new Folli Follie bag?

I already own this Heart4Heart Shoulderbag in black so when I heard that a new gold version was coming for SS14, I just had to have it!  It is super practical as well as stylish so there's plenty of room to carry around all my belongings. I commute for almost two hours a day so I always need room for my headphones and at least one book to keep me entertained on my journey. I love anything from the Fiorissimo collection and I recently invested in a new Fiorissimo Wallet (£75) in a light gold neutral.  It's not technically in my bag but I wear my Fiorissimo cuff-style Bracelet (£120) almost everyday to work as it goes with practically everything.  I'm known for having a secret stash of make up and mirrors which I keep secured away in the inner zip pocket of my handbag just in case I'm called out for a meeting or meeting friends after work.  The hat has no rhyme or reason, I just love accessorising!"

Posted By : Fashion Forward

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