11 February 2014

If only he knew...


Even the most romantic of men need a hint (or two) Whilst we all know it’s the thought that counts, why not lead the way and make sure he buys you the gift you really do deserve this Valentine’s. We would all like to be whisked away to somewhere that’s romantic, with cocktails by the pool, long walks by the beach and candle-lit dinners. Wherever, he’ll take you the main thing is that you own jewellery box essentials to suit any outfit or date. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so if you think the man in your life might need a little helping hand; pick your favourites from our list list below. It’s guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat, without blowing a hole in his wallet too!

Date: Romantic snuggle at the cinema
Wear: Paint the town red with our red Flowerball shoulderbag. Effortlessly chic, seductively feminine and unbelievably practical (perfect for bringing your own popcorn!)

Date: Weekend getaway
Wear: Add a high octane wow with a K Chic zip statement wallet. You can’t have a wallet without a bag to carry it in…Ladies it’s time to invest in those guilty pleasures, our red Reflections handbag is the one for you!

Date: Candle lit dinner at your favourite restaurant
Wear: Dark hues, bold prints and statement accessories. It’s all about making an entrance. Wear our Colourful rings for the ultimate impact! A girl can never wear too much bling.

Of course, true gestures of love can’t be touched or seen, but a few extra jewels or accessories to go with them can’t hurt, right?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Folli Follie x

Posted By : Fashion Forward

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