22 January 2014

What's in your Folli Follie handbag?


Forget those pretty little clutch bags or shoulderbags. When it comes down to practicality, our Heart4Heart orange bag takes centre stage. Feeling  Indecisive? Curious to know how much you can fit inside? This stylish handbag, is perfect for carrying all those stylish everyday essentials. 

Francesca, from the Ecommerce team reveals what’s inside her orange Heart4Heart bag this month…

“I’m a girl on the go. Whether it’s a meeting or post work party, I always pack my Heart4Heart gold cosmetic case for those last minute make up re-touches. I love the fact that it’s gold because it means it’s easier to find among other things!  Work pass, iphone and reading glasses are all vital everyday essentials but I would be lost without my red Folli Follie  K Vintage zip wallet Without it, I wouldn’t be able to pay for my daily dose of coffee in the mornings! I’m always sure to pack my ipad for external meetings but without my blue strap Donatella  watch I would be arriving late everywhere. Although fashionably late, I don’t think my boss would be very impressed!  I can safely say this bag is stylish, practical and my colourful day to day companion; it’s a must-have for your working wardrobe!"

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Posted By : Fashion Forward

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