28 November 2013

Grazia's Fashion Editor reveals her top picks


If just like us, you want everything this Christmas, Katherine Ormerod, Grazia senior fashion news & features editor, reveals her top five Christmas picks from our latest collections. (Just to help you make up your mind)
Top on our Grazia fashion guru's list is the Classy rose gold plated cuff adorned with sparkling clear crystals, “it’s great for adding that little hint of glamour to whatever you’re wearing”

Part of the covetable Heart4Heart collection, our Heart4Heart Win necklace was also on the wish-list. A popular choice because of it’s decorative Montana stones encased within the iconic four hearts rose gold plated design. When it comes to Christmas gifting “it’s really great to receive something you can wear as a set” The Heart4Heart Win stud earrings are an absolute must-have.( it’s the perfect excuse to ask for more)

When it's party time, it's never too good to turn up late but if you're wearing a Watchaliscious watch, it makes arriving late perfectly acceptable! "It adds a twist of masculinity to whatever you are wearing. Right on trend with the boy meets girl look. (anything men can wear, we can wear better) "It's great day to day office accessory. Wear with just a simple white shirt and jeans, it adds personality to even the simplest look”

Last to be put on but first to be noticed, our Heart4Heart black evening bag is not just a bag for Christmas, it's a bag for life! "It's chic yet practical design means you can turn it from evening bag to clutch in no time!"

Psssst…we’re offering 20% off until 1st December in-store and online with the code GRAZIA20 at the checkout. So if you've been putting off your Christmas shopping then now is the perfect time to get started!

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